D2.2: A Norwegian corpus, sized 5 billion words

Building the Norwegian Web corpus

We have used crawler SpiderLing [1] to crawl Norwegian sites on the Web. URLs of documents obtained in previous years by adopting the Corpus factory method [2] were used as starting points for the crawler.

The following language models were created:

  • Character trigram model for language detection. 129 KB of text from documents obtained in previous years and manually checked was used to train the model.
  • Byte trigram model for character encoding detection. The model was trained using web pages obtained by the Corpus factory method.
  • 1756 most frequent Norwegian (Bokmål) words from the texts obtained in previous years were used as a wordlist to check the language of a running text by boilerplate removal tool jusText [3].

The crawler was set to harvest web domains in the national top level domain of Norway (no) and other general TLDs (eu, com, org, net, gov, info, edu).

487 GB of http responses was gathered in the process. HTML tags and boilerplate paragraphs were removed from the raw data by jusText. Then, Norwegian texts obtained by similar means in 2015 and 2011 were added. Duplicate or near duplicate paragraphs were identified and removed using tool onion [3]. The final size of the corpus is 29 GB and 4 billion tokens.

Corpus properties

Basic properties of corpus sources are summarised below.

The size of corpus structures:

Document count 14,476,061
Paragraph count 102,141,296
Token count 3,986,246,932
Word form lexicon size 24,167,191

Document count – the most frequent web domains and domain size distribution:

Top level domains Web domains Second level domain size distribution
no 9,127,584 349,462At least 10,000 documents 153
com 3,668,518 341,863At least 1,000 documents 2,776
net 567,790 185,195At least 100 documents 14,878
org 373,856 79,645At least 10 documents 52,196
info 179,650 66,466At least 1 documents 118,615 61,918 51,464 46,361

The most frequent words:

Word (Latin script) Count
og 104,481,495
i 87,921,748
er 68,176,093
det 54,210,341
som 53,329,594
en 50,226,498
til 48,999,052
å 43,671,334
med 43,099,278
av 43,070,779
for 42,796,768
at 35,979,998
har 34,762,626
de 25,516,989
ikke 24,923,211
den 23,416,684
om 21,264,735
jeg 20,844,747
kan 19,317,571

Corpus query interface

The corpus has been indexed by corpus manager and query system Sketch Engine [4]. The corpus can be searched at


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