D3.4a: A Somali corpus, sized 10 million words

Building the Somali Web corpus

We have used the following steps to create a big Somali Web corpus: First, adopting the Corpus factory method [1] bigrams of Somali words from the Crúbadán database [2] were used to query Bing search engine for documents in Somali. URLs of 18,108 documents found by the search engine were used as starting points for web crawler SpiderLing [3].

The following language models were created:

  • Character trigram model for language detection. 292 KB of text from documents found by the search engine and manually checked was used to train the model.
  • Byte trigram model for character encoding detection. The model was trained using web pages obtained by the Corpus factory method.
  • 304 most frequent Somali words from the manually checked bigrams of words from the Crúbadán database were used as a wordlist to check the language of a running text by boilerplate removal tool jusText [4].

The crawler was set to harvest web domains in national top level domains of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti (et, er, so, dj) and other general TLDs (com, org, net, gov, info, edu). 42 GB of http responses was gathered in the process. HTML tags and boilerplate paragraphs were removed from the raw data by jusText. Somali texts were separated using the character trigram language model.

Duplicate or near duplicate paragraphs were identified and removed using tool onion [4]. The final size of the corpus is 461 MB and 80 million tokens. The corpus is called soWaC16 (Somali `Web as Corpus' corpus, year 2016).

Corpus properties

Basic properties of corpus sources are summarised below.

The size of corpus structures:

Document count 385,338
Paragraph count 1,937,758
Sentence count 2,643,336
Token count 79,741,231
Latin script lexicon size 1,399,350

Document count – the most frequent web domains and domain size distribution:

Top level domains Web domains Second level domain size distribution
net 295,358 22,823 At least 1000 documents 73
org 75,860 22,544 At least 500 documents 96
com 7,397 21,904 At least 100 documents 150
info 4,577 17,079 At least 50 documents 181
so 1,930 15,453 At least 10 documents 352 13,923 At least 5 documents 487 13,693 At least 1 document 1,083 13,203 12,189 10,853 10,196 8,378 8,218 7,045 6,755 6,154 6,097

Apart from other African languages represented in HaBiT project corpora, the Somalian corpus consists of texts from a broad number of Web domains. The content of news/politics sites has a significant presence in the corpus sources.

The most frequent words:

Word (Latin script) Count
oo 2,130,200
ka 1,808,365
ay 1,470,184
ku 1,445,719
iyo 1,248,166
ee 1,210,830
ah 1,062,164
u 1,041,418
in 1,037,431
ayaa 985,020
uu 950,971
soo 794,868
la 720,451
lagu 397,822
ugu 365,182

Corpus query interface

The corpus has been indexed by corpus manager and query system Sketch Engine [5]. The corpus can be searched at


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